Peter & Teresa Go Global...

Itinerary, setting off from the UK mid November 2005...

Canada Toronto > Niagara

USA New York > Las Vegas > San Diego


Australia Sydney > Cairns > Melbourne > Adelaide (Christmas and New Year)

Thailand Bangkok > Hua Hin

...back home mid January 2006

Digital Photo Tips:
1 Double click a pic to enlarge it, see its name and brief description, run slideshow etc.
2 Hover your cursor over an icon (without clicking) to see its purpose
3 When you see a number (central, footer), it is not the pic's number, it's the slideshow
delay in seconds (default being 5)

Members of YMUG, the UK's largest Macintosh User Group and the YMUG members' email-based, all-things-digital chat and helpline macTALK.

Using 17" PowerBook and Canon Ixus 430 en route.